Wisdom Tooth Removal Price Philippines

Wisdom tooth removal is a common dental procedure that many individuals undergo to address issues such as pain, overcrowding, and misalignment. If you’re considering wisdom tooth removal in the Philippines, understanding the price range for this procedure is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the factors that influence the wisdom tooth removal price in the Philippines, helping you make informed decisions about your dental healthcare.

Factors Influencing Wisdom Tooth Removal Prices:

1. Complexity of the Procedure: The complexity of the wisdom tooth removal procedure plays a significant role in determining its price. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or require surgical extraction, the procedure may be more intricate and thus more expensive compared to a simple extraction.

2. Dentist’s Expertise and Location: The expertise and reputation of the dentist or oral surgeon performing the procedure can affect the price. Dentists with extensive experience and a good track record may charge higher fees. Additionally, the location of the dental clinic or hospital can impact the cost, with urban areas generally having higher prices compared to rural areas.

3. Diagnostic Tests: Before the extraction, diagnostic tests such as X-rays or panoramic radiographs may be necessary to evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth. These additional services may add to the overall cost.

4. Anesthesia Options: Depending on the complexity of the procedure and your personal preference, different levels of anesthesia may be required. Local anesthesia is typically included in the overall cost, while options such as conscious sedation or general anesthesia may incur additional charges.

5. Post-Operative Care: Following the extraction, post-operative care is essential for a smooth recovery. The cost of post-operative care, including medication, follow-up appointments, and any necessary additional treatments, may be included in the overall price.

Understanding Wisdom Tooth Removal Price Range:

The price of wisdom tooth removal in the Philippines can vary depending on the aforementioned factors. On average, the cost for a single wisdom tooth extraction can range from PHP 3,000 to PHP 8,000. However, it is important to note that this is an approximate range, and the actual price can be lower or higher based on the unique circumstances of each patient.

Affordable Options for Wisdom Tooth Removal:

1. Dental Insurance: Check if your dental insurance covers wisdom tooth removal. Some insurance policies provide partial or full coverage for this procedure, depending on your plan.

2. Government Programs: In the Philippines, government health programs, such as PhilHealth, may offer partial coverage for dental procedures, including wisdom tooth removal. Familiarize yourself with the specific benefits and requirements of these programs to determine your eligibility.

3. Dental Schools: Consider seeking treatment at reputable dental schools. Dental students, under the supervision of experienced faculty members, may perform wisdom tooth removal at reduced costs.

4. Research and Compare Prices: It is essential to research and compare prices from different dental clinics and hospitals. However, remember that prioritizing quality and the experience of the dental professional is crucial to ensure proper care.

5. Financing Options: Some dental clinics offer financing options or installment plans to help manage the cost of wisdom tooth removal. Inquire about these possibilities to make the procedure more financially manageable.


Understanding the factors that influence the wisdom tooth removal price in the Philippines allows you to make informed decisions about your dental healthcare. While the cost can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, the expertise of the dentist, and other factors, it is essential to prioritize quality care to maintain your oral health effectively. By exploring affordable options such as dental insurance, government programs, dental schools, and financing options, you can find a suitable solution that aligns with your budget and ensures a successful wisdom tooth removal experience.

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